How We Chimney Sweep

How we chimney sweep

Professional, Reliable & Friendly Service

Many years after its humble beginnings Chimney Sweep Wiltshire has become Wiltshire’s premier chimney sweep in the County.
Our Principles are Honesty, Integrity, value, professionalism.
Chimney Sweeping is one of the oldest professions however techniques and equipment have changed very much in the last 5 years alone and our company is always ahead of the pack when it comes to innovation.
At Rentosweep, we do not sub work out to third party contractors and all work will be carried out in house by a fully certified, insured and highly trained.
We are capable and equipped to sweep and test many different types of chimney from the smallest of bungalows with an open fire or stove, right up to one hundred and fifty feet commercial chimneys and everything in between.
Our clients include: Home owners, Landlords, tenants, architects, designers, Commercial premises such as pizzerias and coffee roasting houses, small, medium and large Biomass installations, schools and libraries, stately homes and castles. We specialise in local authority and contract works.

This is a short video of a chimney inspection due to a chimney fire. Please ensure you have your chimney swept and keep you and your family safe this season. Call 01793 630768